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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fashion Forecasting - Tickets Please!

For my Fashion Forecasting project I had to produce a source-book, showing a fashion forecast for 3 different collections for the brand Topman/Topshop which were: Woman's sleepwear, woman's festive wear and men's casual day-wear. From these 3 collections one main collection had to be chosen and presented.

The collection I choose was men's casual day wear, which I renamed 'Urban Traveler' as the theme for the collection was 'Metro'. When it came to making the source-book and presenting my work on display boards, I wanted to continue with the theme 'Metro' for a strong link between my presentation boards and my source-book.

Some images of the project is below. all work shown is my own.

Thanks for reading, and expect more blogs on the way including my introduction to 'Street Styling'.