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Monday, 12 September 2011

Advice when purchasing a suit in 2011

Buying a new suit can be a hassle, but it does not have to be!


When it comes to buying a new suit either for work,weddings,casual then different styles of grey is the one to buy. It has proven most popular in runways and has completely put the past popular 'navy' in the shade.


Three buttoned suits are completely out and if possible try to avoid. One or two buttons would be best.


The type of vent to go for in a jacket would be a double vent. Although single vent and no vent is not 'out', it's not considered to be 'in' either, so personal choice really.

When trying on a suit

Trousers:  Make sure the trouser leg sits just at the tip of your heel and not over it.

Jacket:     Make sure the sleeves reach the start of your thumb when your arms are down and relaxed.


For an excellent suit with matching top-rate service I would recommend shopping at 'Slaters'. They make buying a suit a breeze, and that should be their catch-phrase. With the best customer service on the high street, top quality suits and free alterations for the life of your suit, you can't go wrong!