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Saturday, 26 February 2011

My first 1000 Hits!

Thanks to everyone following and viewing my blog i just started a few months ago and now reached a thousand hits!!! So thanks and keep checking in.

p.s Bow Ties are cool!!!...

Oscar x


  1. I was wondering, are you English? Judging by your 'Birdy - skinny love' And 'Adele' posts, I assumed you are. If you are, I'd like to say you're a proper Englishman with your bow-tie, a girl finds these hard to find and I admire you for it :)

  2. haha thanks I'm from Scotland ..ever been there?.x

  3. Scotland, yes. I have a cousin there :) Awwhhhhsskk, now i look all silly 'cuz i thought you were English xD x

  4. no its fine, thanks for the coment feel free to follow there might be more bow tie pictures in the future ;) x

  5. Haha, well if there's future bow ties, what choice do i have ;) I've never followed anyone before :/ I don't think i've really read anyone else's blog. I will try and follow you, and be a loyal bow tie appreciator. :D