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Thursday, 3 March 2011


A voice of pure passion and soul.

Adele (Laurie Blue Adkins) is one of my favourite female artist I have been following her since her debut single 'Hometown Glory'. Her songs truly relate to me and over the years has become the soundtrack to my life. From hearing her in shops, adverts and on my own mp3 on the bus. After being the only artist (apart from the beatles in 1964) to have 2 albums and 2 singles in the top 5 from the top 4o she has certainly left a good name for herself.

People now mostly know Adele from her latest performance at 'The Brits' which was simply magical. This is the video below.

Adele singing 'someone like you' at The Brits.

I cant wait to see her live in May, I will get to meet her and I will ensure to post the pictures.


  1. I love adele! can't stop singing rolling in the deep. She has such a gorgeous voice and seems so modest and lovely! nice post by the way (: ♥

  2. thanks..I also like the video for rolling in the deep' who is this commenter? :) x

  3. Love how you chose not to credit me :(

  4. lol..well thanks to ryan dunlop i will see her in may ..;) x