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Wednesday, 20 June 2012


This is the jacket and skirt I made at college from the Toile to the finished garments. I will post the sketch later in the week and you can tell me if you think the sketch matched the finished product.

                                      Working Toile                                  Finished Jacket and skirt
                                                                                                Model: Becky Weatherly
                                                                                                Photographer: Hazel Terry

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Lad Musician - Oscar's Unmissable Outlets

'Lad Musician' is the first of many shops to become hunted and selected to become a feature in Oscar's Unmissable Outlets (OUO).

Lad Musician is a quirky, indie stylish clothing store, based in Tokyo, Japan. Some of the garments and accessories are a little pricey however their unique approach to men's fashion and the styling details involved in executing the perfect outfit are well-worth the price.

The link to the store (where you can also see their latest fashion show) and some pictures are below:

Lad Musician Fashion in Harajuku

                            Street style shot of some 'Lad Musician' in action

                               From LM's 2011 Winter Collection

Friday, 13 April 2012

My feature in a fashion blog

Oscar Street Style 12.04.12 « chasingclothes:

I was featured in a fashion blog about my style and upcoming blog, just posting it for yous to see the article and the pictures taken.

'via Blog this'

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

New Blog - Fashion On The Curbside

A new blog on street fashion as promised. You can find the link below and a promotional picture... Please spread the word!


Friday, 30 March 2012

Recycling Fashion

Fashion is not just purchased in shops, you can re-use simple materials around your house to make your own fashionable garments.

You can make a dress from the old newspapers around your house, or hunt out your Lego from when you were younger or simply borrow your brothers to re-vamp an old pair of shoes. By recycling objects for fashion you are helping the environment and you are also going to have your own bold and unique outfits. So be creative, become a designer and make a difference to the planet.

Please post anything you have recycled yourself or any new projects!

U.K. Artist Finn Stone Revamps A Pair of Stilettos With…Legos!

Made by Jolis Paons

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fashion Forecasting - Tickets Please!

For my Fashion Forecasting project I had to produce a source-book, showing a fashion forecast for 3 different collections for the brand Topman/Topshop which were: Woman's sleepwear, woman's festive wear and men's casual day-wear. From these 3 collections one main collection had to be chosen and presented.

The collection I choose was men's casual day wear, which I renamed 'Urban Traveler' as the theme for the collection was 'Metro'. When it came to making the source-book and presenting my work on display boards, I wanted to continue with the theme 'Metro' for a strong link between my presentation boards and my source-book.

Some images of the project is below. all work shown is my own.

Thanks for reading, and expect more blogs on the way including my introduction to 'Street Styling'.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

First Fashion show: Featuring my lily cocktail dress

A charity fashion show held by 'Secret Wardrobe' featured my lily cocktail dress, fellow HND fashion students dresses and some collections from secret wardrobe. It was a fantastic night that I will learn and develop from.

Some of the students in the class (me, center)

We had to two runs on the catwalk, The first being a natural theme and the second run being more 'rock/grunge' theme.
'Rock/grunge' theme
The natural theme

Monday, 12 September 2011

Advice when purchasing a suit in 2011

Buying a new suit can be a hassle, but it does not have to be!


When it comes to buying a new suit either for work,weddings,casual then different styles of grey is the one to buy. It has proven most popular in runways and has completely put the past popular 'navy' in the shade.


Three buttoned suits are completely out and if possible try to avoid. One or two buttons would be best.


The type of vent to go for in a jacket would be a double vent. Although single vent and no vent is not 'out', it's not considered to be 'in' either, so personal choice really.

When trying on a suit

Trousers:  Make sure the trouser leg sits just at the tip of your heel and not over it.

Jacket:     Make sure the sleeves reach the start of your thumb when your arms are down and relaxed.


For an excellent suit with matching top-rate service I would recommend shopping at 'Slaters'. They make buying a suit a breeze, and that should be their catch-phrase. With the best customer service on the high street, top quality suits and free alterations for the life of your suit, you can't go wrong!

Monday, 27 June 2011

Lily cocktail dress finished!

My Lily cocktail dress is now complete and so is my first year at
College its been hard work but been fun.

Here is the finished dress that caused so much stress, modelled by my lovely friend Sarah.

Friday, 24 June 2011

College work: lily cocktail dress

Hi, as most of you's know I have been studying fashion and a project we had to do was to make a cocktail dress. I have now completed the dress and the lily I am using to make the dress more dramatic.

Pics below and tomorrow I will post the finished garment.