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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Signed CD from 'ADELE'

Yea I got my signed CD from ADELE.

I cant wait to see her live in May she will be great.

It reads: To Oscar love from Adele xxx

Like Adele?...see my first blog on Adele (

Signed CD from 'The Wombats'

YEA! I finally met one of my favorite bands, 'The Wombats and a friend got me and my other friend back stage to meet them! We got our CD signed (with a sharpie of course) and got a photo.

They even let us just chill backstage with them after the gig! :) x

Thanks for being Awesome guys ..Oscar x

Kick-ass with these on!

These are the most incredible boots I have seen in a long time and should be worn at all times (even in bed lol).

I have now got them since wanting them all the way from Xmas but after trying
to save up and failing a very generous friend got them for me :).

They are from 'Topman' and cost £120. Well worth the money they are handmade by 'Hudson' and each and every boot is unique, so they are a fair deal plus the go amazingly well with the 'man-bag' I posted about earlier. (

Pictures Below:

Quick style tip: Tie your boots with a over-sized loop to give a real indie look.

Cool Man-Bag!

I bought this cool canvas 'man-bag' from 'Topman'...

It is dark blue canvas with real leather straps which makes it really stand out and gives it more appeal.

At first I was not going to get it because I would only use it for college and to constantly undo the straps everytime I went for a textbook, pen or money I would have the nuisance of unstrapping and strapping it back up. Luckily this bag casually disguises that the straps are actaully held together by well disguised buttons! '

'No Fuss Just a Must'

It is selling for £32 get it while its HOT!

Quick style tip : wear with brown shoes or brown leather clothes and even though it is a man-bag a girl wearing the right quirky outfit would get away with this bag too. :) x

How to get more Hits!

Hey just a few quick tips to help fellow bloggers out there get their blogs more popular.

You just started a blog need more hits? Follow these simple steps to help get your blog more popular ...

1. Blog regularly - You need to make sure no one forgets you and this is how you keep your followers.

2. Blog relevantly - Only blog when its relevant and informative otherwise your blog quality will go down.

3. Blog hot topics - Give your opinion on current popular affairs... your blog could end up being where the discussion is centered.

These have worked for me so I hope they do the same for you...Good Luck

Oscar x