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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

My College Work

My first year doing Fashion is nearly over. Boy, I have learnt so much and I am only going to be learning lots more.

Below are some of my own designs I have made from sketches, source-book pictures and promotional boards that I have been working on for my fashion commercial design class. In this class we had to carry out research on a brand ( I decided upon H&M) and present a new collection inspired from a selected theme, my theme being 'Vibration'. I had to show what I interpreted from the theme by using a mood-board, source book then to actually get down to drawing our designs down on paper and bring this all together to present this to a mock panel. Glad to say I passed!

p.s follow or look out for my next blog, where I show the Final look of my dress I have made!


  1. i really love your style of drawing :) it creates really elegant dynamics to the items you're trying to depict. thank you for your great comment! i'm following you too now :)


  2. Aww thanks, hope to see more interesting blogs to come x

  3. This is great! Love your blog and your designs. Can't make your FB link work but if you wanna join our DJ site that'd be cool ;-) Tom x